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Let our experienced and highly-skilled staff provide you with almost anything you need.

Drill Machine

You'll get access to a team of professionals including toolmakers, designers, and programmers who are all here to trouble-shoot and solve all the problems you have with your existing tools.

Our commitment to excellence begins by offering full capabilities with all our manufacturing services.

Over 50 employees, staffed across day, night and weekend shifts, work together within TSI’s 34,000 square foot facility to manufacture and repair tooling ranging from small unit dies up to 30,000 lbs mold.  


Design and engineering:  Our 3D design protocols include SolidWorks, ProE, and

 other top-notch design software systems. We offer mold design, die cast dies,

 part models, and repairs.

Plastic injection molds: We offer a wide selection of mold sizes. From small units

 to full molds, we can do it all. Our maximum is 30,000 lbs. We use state-of-the-

 art equipment for advanced performance and custom solutions.

Other professional services: Mold bases, large plate machining, surface grinding,

 gundrilling, precision welding, sampling, texturing, laser engraving, repair

 services, and revision work.

Since 1973, Tooling Science, Inc. (TSI) has built a solid reputation in the precision mold design and mold building industry by going the distance and out-performing all others.  

Metal Mold