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Trust a company with over 30 years of high-quality experience and a history of success

Get an innovative

approach when you ensure our experts with all your die cast die needs

When you hire the professionals here at Tooling Science, Inc. you'll receive service from a staff that has years of experience and is highly trained. All of the equipment we use is state-of-the-art and

highly advanced.

Metal Mold

Have confidence in our large crew of top-notch professionals

• True artisans

• Years of experience

• Continually trained

• Dedicated to customer satisfaction

• Experts in steel type and heat treatment processes

• We do everything from unit sets to full dies of 30,000 lbs.

• Get a steel and heat treatment certification with all dies

• Expertise in engine and gear case dies

Therefore, when you want the best in die cast dies, contact Tooling Science, Inc. right away for optimal workmanship.

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