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Trust a company that takes a step or two beyond the competition

We use top-of-the-line software, so you'll always get exactly what you want

CAD department software:

• SolidWorks Professional 2009

• Pro-Engineer Wildfire 3.0

• E-draw

• SolidView

• WorkXplore

Metal Mold

Hire the right company for all your molding and building product needs

For over 30 years, Tooling Science, Inc. has worked hard to stay on the cutting-edge of technology and earn our customers trust. We always out-perform our competition through top-notch molding and building workmanship. You can feel great knowing that our professionals can produce just about anything that you need.

CAM department software:

• Mastercam 10X

• Camax

• Work-NC 19.09

• PowerMill 8.0

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