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Apply an innovative approach to all your manufacturing needs

Receive the highest quality in plastic injection mold services when you hire our skilled staff


Enjoy superior customer service with each and every order

You'll be happy to know that when you choose Tooling Science, Inc., your projects will always be handled with the highest degree of care and attention. Your satisfaction is always guaranteed with all our valuable services.

  • Get small unit sets to full molds up to 30,000 lbs.

  • Two plate, three plate, hot manifold, and insulated runners

  • Stack and unscrewing mold services

  • Floating plates

  • Stripper A and B side

  • Mud sets and large dedicated tools

  • Multi-shot molds including pick and place and rotating platen types

  • Multi-cavity and single cavity molds

  • 5 axis precision machining

  • We handle complex designs, special mechanisms, slides and lifts